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Choosing App Development Services: Individual Contractor vs. Development Shop

Your business needs an app. You’ll need specialized help to build this app, but before that, you need to know what kind of help you need. Hiring the right person or company to build an app can be daunting. It’s also something that is best done right the first time. Let’s begin with a very […]

Requesting new features for your app

Asking for new or different features in your app can be easier in some cases more than others. If you took our advice in Fixed Price vs. Time and Materials this just comes down to normal courtesy, politeness, and thinking things through. If you didn’t take our advice and signed a SoW with a strict, fixed scope, then […]


The Hidden Costs of Low Quote Dev Shops: Overbooking

Sometimes, selecting an app development shop is like buying a plane ticket. At first, a lower price can be appealing, until you realize the airline has to make its money somewhere, and it’ll probably be a nasty surprise. Much of the time that comes from opaque baggage fees, convenience fees, upgrades, overbooking, and simply cutting […]


Fixed Price vs. Time and Materials

First, let’s define Fixed Price and Time and Materials (T&M), as both terms encompass more than just what one immediately thinks of. Fixed Price most often takes the form of a flat cost for the entire project, but can also take the form of a cap on hours/total cost, or even be piecemeal, flat fee […]


Should your app development be with an independent contractor?

Getting a app written, tested and released is a challenging process. Your options are many. Let’s consider whether you should hire an independent contractor to write your app. Reasons to hire an independent contractor: Low cost… you’re paying just one person, at whatever lowest rate you can negotiate. One person to deal with… communication is direct […]