NYC Subway App


Objective: Be the best NYC subway app.

Market impact: Millions of downloads, leader in innovation, bringing AI to the New York subway.

Features and capabilities: This app has all the features you’d expect from a subway app, plus several no other app has: we’re using crowdsourcing data to train an AI to predict when the train will actually arrive, and we automatically log you in to the transit wifi. Plus, it’s pretty and easy to use!

IoT smart home app

Roost Remote

Objective: Help smart home users control all their devices from one place, with a focus on extensibility for DIY enthusiasts

Features and capabilities: This app is a pet project of our founder, and helps people control their smart devices. It aims to be flexible enough to handle any smart device, while also making it easy to create and add one’s own DIY smart home devices.

Augmented Reality (AR) measurment app


Objective: Allow people to measure distances using AR.

Market impact: This was one of the first such apps available on the market, and as such, quickly racked up thousands of downloads.

Smoking cessation app

QuitNet, by MYH

Objective: Help people quit by building a support network.

LithoByte’s impact: LithoByte helped MYH fix many bugs, improve their Android continuous integration process, drastically speed up their tests, and added important new features.

Step tracker

Walkadoo, by MYH

Objective: Help users walk a little more each day by setting achievable goals

LithoByte’s impact: We helped MYH build and maintain a gorgeous app filled with delightful animations and engaging colors throughout

Music festival app

Porchfest app

Objective: Help people attending Somerville’s Porchfest find and save acts they want to see.

Features and capabilities: This simple app was built with React Native in less than a day, allowing us to quickly publish apps on both iOS and Android.

AI Baby Photos


Objective: Help parents collate and organize their baby photos by intelligently selecting the best photos and adding effects automatically.

LithoByte’s impact: We helped Precious drastically improve slideshow creation, implemented some on device AI clustering algorithms, and improved performance.

Cultural event app


Objective: Improve discoverability of cultural experiences like theater, art shows, and more.

Features and capabilities: This app used recommendations to bring the best shows to the top, allowed you to filter by a variety of categories, and allowed you to follow people in the know.

Travel / Social Review Categories


Objective: Travel activity reviews.

Market impact: User recommendations of local activities.

Features and capabilities: A socially powered travel app that allows users to recommend activities in the city they’re visiting. Traveling? Find the best things to do, by getting recommendations from those who have traveled there before.

Event / Social Networking Categories

Dinner Party

Objective: Host dinner parties via home-sharing like AirBnB.

Features and capabilities: Menus, events scheduling, and user profiles.

Construction equipment requester

G. Greene app

Objective: Allow employees and contractors to request equipment for delivery to a construction site

LithoByte’s impact: LithoByte built this quickly on a budget. This no nonsense app is simple and functional, with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Event / Social Networking Categories

College Reunion

Objective: Williams College 2011 Five Year Reunion.

Market impact: 75% share of target audience.

Features and capabilities: User bios, in-app messaging, events calendar, and discovery section.