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Why we (generally) don’t recommend React Native (or other cross-platform solutions) anymore

TLDR: frequent interminable library conflicts, deep knowledge of native platforms required to debug issues, and devastating edge cases result in no real difference it total cost of development with a huge increase in complexity. In 2015, Facebook’s cross platform framework (meaning it could run on both iOS and Android), React Native, burst onto the scene […]


Mobile App Startups: Marketing

There are a lot of choices when it comes to marketing your app. The first and most obvious is the old gold standard: with word of mouth. This can be achieved in a few ways: obviously, you can make a product so good that users just have to tell others about it (this is very […]

Algora: Student Programmers and Startups – a Match Made in Heaven

We’ve written before about how startups can attract technical talent, even when competing against tech giants like Apple, Google, and the like. One of the difficult things when thinking about that issue is how to deal with the money problem: as a startup, you don’t have any, while tech giants have literal billions of dollars […]

Fixed Price and the Illusion of Control

When clients come to us, especially new clients, we often get asked to work with them on a fixed price basis. The reason for this usually boils down to a desire to contain the costs and limit the timeline. If you want a project to only take so long and cost so much, why not […]


QA for Startups

Quality Assurance, or QA for short, is an important part of any app development process. QA helps identify potential issues before your app gets in front of users, which results in happy customers, more revenue, and lower development costs in the long run. However, QA can also be a significant cost for a startup, depending […]

Anatomy of a Bug

Many non-technical stakeholders believe a bug is exclusively the result of programming ‘mistakes.’ However, this is often not the case; there can be many causes for what people colloquially refer to as “bugs.” In this article we’ll go through some common ones, but first, let’s provide a definition of a bug. What is a bug? […]

Client Spotlight: Babblbox

Welcome to another edition of LithoByte’s Client Spotlight! Today we’re profiling Babblbox, an iOS app for finding cosplay costumes. The newly released Babblbox app streamlines the process of finding and purchasing cosplay costume items. These folks have put a lot of work into combing through many different cosplay websites so you can easily search for […]

Competing with Amazon/Google etc for tech talent

We’ve written in the past about how to effectively evaluate developers, and our company provides a service where we will act as independent evaluators for startups that don’t currently have technical skills. Today, however, we’d like to discuss how to convince a developer to join your early stage startup once you’ve found someone you want […]