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Client Spotlight: Tapper Legacy

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Tapper Legacy!

Tapper is an incredible opportunity to share your stories with your family, friends, and loved ones. You will never have to leave anything unsaid or any story untold. It’s an app where your legacy can live on for generations to come.

We built this app for Tapper Technology from the ground up as a foundational product – meaning they will be able to reliably build upon it into the future. With a tech stack including Rails, Swift on iOS, and Kotlin for Android, we were able to quickly and cheaply build an MVP that will allow them to hire from a large pool talented developers internally when the time comes, quickly iterate on new features, and not sacrifice on quality.

Download the Tapper Legacy app today and start safeguarding your legacy!

Client Spotlight: Babblbox

Welcome to another edition of LithoByte’s Client Spotlight! Today we’re profiling Babblbox, an iOS app for finding cosplay costumes.

The newly released Babblbox app streamlines the process of finding and purchasing cosplay costume items. These folks have put a lot of work into combing through many different cosplay websites so you can easily search for the items you need to perfect your costume.

One of the things that’s impressed us about Babblbox is how thorough and methodical they are about crafting their product. They’ve been doing tons of interviews with users to make sure the app they’re building is something that end users actually want to use. They’re also building an incredibly detailed list of fandoms, characters, and versions of characters, as well as personally reaching out to people who create cosplay costumes on commission to offer their services through the app. It’s an incredible amount of work, and they’ve been organized, meticulous, and thoughtful throughout.

They’ve also been very clever and practical about their release goals. Due to their ruthless dedication to an MVP ethos, LithoByte was able to complete the first version of their app just 3 weeks after development began. Anyone who’s built any sort of reasonably complicated app knows that’s an outrageous timeline, and it’s only through their dedication to simplicity, ease of use, and their pragmatism towards highly desired but time-intensive features that we were able to get something done that fast.

The app is currently very simple, calling out popular genres, providing a searchable list of costume items, as well as a list of costume commissioners; we’ve seen the big plans they have down the road, and we’re excited to continue working with them.

The Babblbox app is available on the App Store now. Check it out!

Client spotlight: Precious – Baby Photo App

Precious is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to find the absolute best photos of your baby and uses them to create photo stories that will melt your heart (and is one of Thryv’s clients). It’s the cutest way to track your baby milestones and see your baby’s development. The app automatically organizes your baby photos into adorable monthly pictures, a time lapse slideshow, a photo calendar journal, and much more — all with no work required from you.

Precious came to Thryv to help them streamline automatic slideshow creation in the app – they were having issues with creating videos over ~12 minutes long. We helped break down their code into manageable chunks, vastly improved the algorithm’s efficiency, and worked out the bugs in their slideshow videos. Now the only limitation on how long the videos can be is… how much disk space the device has!

We’ve also implemented some pretty awesome AI algorithms for them (if we daresay so ourselves) using concepts from functional programming and the most cutting edge research on image processing.

Do you need help making your app fast, efficient, and profitable? Get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to make your app the best it can be!