Should your app development be with an independent contractor?

Getting a app written, tested and released is a challenging process. Your options are many. Let’s consider whether you should hire an independent contractor to write your app.

Reasons to hire an independent contractor:

  1. Low cost… you’re paying just one person, at whatever lowest rate you can negotiate.
  2. One person to deal with… communication is direct and efficient.

Reasons not to hire an independent contractor:

  1. You need an expert… but not for every line of code. The trouble is, you either hire high, or low. When you have easy, repetitive code, you just need a lower cost coder. But for knotty problems, experience breaks out of the box. With an independent contractor, you’re either paying too much for some parts of your code, or your programmer’s out of depth.
  2. Speed. If you need a fast release, or a fast update, you need a group of programmers to share the load.
  3. The back end, and the design. Finding one person who can provide an API to a server, and an artful UX-optimized interface, to say nothing of a solid app released for both iOS and Android—is a rare thing. If you don’t find that, then you’re no longer dealing with just one person anymore, regardless.


Consider a company like Thryv, where you’ll be assigned a project manager. Communication is direct and efficient.

Thryv has access to a range of talents. These will work on your project as variety of tasks demands. And you’ll be billed by a sliding scale that fits the skill and efforts of the contributors.



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